Jebel Ali School

Jebel Ali Primary School was founded in 1978. For nearly 40 years, this “not-for-profit” School has been a top-tier school with a reputation for excellence in primary education. In July 2016, the school will move to a purpose built campus and will expand to offer the National Curriculum for England from Early Years through to A Levels.

Go Malta

Malta is an evolving and highly competitive Telco market. GO became a quad play operator through the merging of 4 distinct companies in 2006 and spent a few years trying to build a cohesive culture and identity as GO. A new brand marque was launched in 2007 but there was no significant drive to build a brand either internally or externally. More recently, a new corporate strategy was put in place to create change across the organisation and address issues of inefficiency, productivity, culture and market share.


Horizons & Co. is a top tier UAE law firm, particularly regarded for its litigation and arbitration work. The firms experience, coupled with intimate knowledge of the UAE laws, business practices and culture has established it as one of the country’s leading local law firms.


MUVI is the first Saudi owned and operated cinema in Kingdom. The retail giant Fawaz Al Hokair wanted to create a best in class cinema experience that was both modern and proudly Saudi reflecting the changes that are taking place in the Kingdom.


Edara is Arabic for management. A young UAE based company focused on finding talented people, Edara helps the candidates and employers to grow. Edara strives to provide the right people who seamlessly integrate into the clients’ organisations to deliver great experiences.


Toyota is the leading car brand in the UAE and the world (Brand Finance). Almost every second car on the UAE’s roads is a Toyota, with 41% market share. The brand is synonymous with reliability and dependability. However, over the past 5 years it is experiencing ever increasing competition from the Korean car brands (Hyundai and Kia) as well as Nissan, all whom have global brand standards and strategies guiding their brand building locally.


Milaha was previously known as Qatar Navigation, as the recipient of Qatar’s first commercial license the company started out as a shipping agency and expanded its holdings into a variety maritime and logistics and related industries.


Injazat is one of the Middle East’s largest ICT players. What really sets them apart is the size and sophistication of their facilities, coupled with the breadth and depth of their capabilities. Created 13 years ago primarily to manage IT services for UAE government entities; Injazats services have expanded dramatically as technology has transformed businesses.