About Us

We’re an independent brand consultancy working in partnership with our clients to Open Potential. We integrate strategy, design and technology to create beautiful, brilliant brands and experiences, growing the bellwethers of the future.

What Drives Us

We believe in brands as business drivers; powerful tools to help organisations unlock their potential. Great brands can connect and inspire all who work for, know about, and engage with them.

At Bellwether, we create brands that are both brilliant and beautiful. Beautiful in terms of visually impactful. Brilliant in terms of having a compelling brand purpose and story.

Our process of creation is multi-faceted. We believe in working together, in collaboration with our clients; we believe in asking many questions and openly listening to feedback. We see the process of creation as a journey and the outcome as purposeful, often surprising, and ultimately impactful.

The Bellwether Team

Our senior team are front-row and hands-on in every project we undertake. We utilise the strength of each individual to drive a project forward and ensure that the brands we work with reach their absolute potential. We talk a lot and argue a little more but that’s what keeps every day interesting and the outcome extraordinary.

We are hiring!

We are always looking for curious, optimistic and ambitious people.