We get together for a gaggle once a week. No topic is off limits; it can range from – how we are all managing work from home? to sharing client branding issues with the wider group to seek resolution or even “can’t believe this happened – what the…”

Here we have posted some of our favorite gaggles for you to enjoy. Feel free to reach out to us if you have anything to add or fancy a gaggle!

In the Club

Back at the end of March, you couldn’t turn a corner without bumping into Clubhouse. Naturally, we gaggled about it.

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TIL* about NFTs. Sort of.

When Charlie bit his brother’s finger back in 2007, we were so naive. We still looked to lottery tickets as a means for fast cash, we thought the currency was tangible and all of our trading cards were physical cards.

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Naming A Pandemic

Ahhh! How sweet is the moment when women and men with double-digit years of specialized education at the top schools around the world, and with triple-digit years of experience and thought-leadership in fields we sometimes can’t even pronounce properly, suddenly find themselves struggling with an issue we fully – well, sort of anyway – understand.

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What happened to plain, old reality?

Last night, one of us watched The HBO documentary, Fake Famous, and is chatting about it to another of us, who is is bleary-eyed from closely reviewing a telco-focused consumer perception survey. They are both at the coffee station, refuelling.

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To Turbo Or Not To Turbo?

Shakespeare sparked the debate and now Porsche ignited it. At least that’s the case in our office today. (Yes, we know the Taycan Turbo was announced at the end of 2018. But at Bellwether, we can’t resist a debate, outdated or not.)

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