Edara is Arabic for management. A young UAE based company focused on finding talented people, Edara helps the candidates and employers to grow. Edara strives to provide the right people who seamlessly integrate into the clients’ organisations to deliver great experiences.

Realising The Value of Human Capital

Edara is a newly formed joint venture between Dubai Holding & du. It’s purpose is to better serve UAE companies who wish to outsource their front line staff.

From our research, we understood that human capital outsourcing companies had very little that differentiated them besides price. The opportunity for Edara was to stand apart by focusing on delivering the best people rather than the best price.

Customer service staff are key to customer experience, yet many staff with in banks, hotels and telcos are actually outsourced. Like chameleons, these staff need to blend and behave in ways that represent the brand and environment they work in, whilst being employed, paid by and trained by another company. It is a constant challenge for large organisations to maintain valuable outsourced staff.

The brand was visually expressed as a word marque. Edara’s focus is its people and the brand marque represents this by placing a person at the heart. Using colour to highlight this element, bringing attention straight to the most important aspect of the brand – people.


Transform Awards 2016

  • Silver > Best visual identity from the professional services sector

  • Silver > Best strategic/creative development of a new brand

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