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Transform Awards MEA 2024.

Congratulations to all our wonderful clients and the fantastic team at Bellwether for their incredible victory at this year’s Transform Awards MEA 2024! 🎉

Evolving EXPO 2020 From an Event to a Place With Purpose.

Who didn’t love EXPO 2020? An event that connected minds, filled us with hope and inspired us to all think
about creating a better future.

More Than a Destination, a Catalyst for Surfing and Surf Culture.

Surf Abu Dhabi is a collaboration between the Modon a leading developer and Kelly Slater the surfing GOAT,

A Pro-Youth Bank That’s Focused on the Upward Mobility of the Next Generation.

Youth are often underserved by the established banks.

Shifting From Market Leader to a Market Shaper.

Liva is the merger of two regional insurance powerhouses forming the largest multiline insurance company in the GCC.

Defining the Region's First Super-App.

Careem has become a brand that is synonymous with ride hailing across the MENA, Pakistan and Turkey.

Hobson's Choice In Iraq.

Henry Ford once said, “any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants, so long as it’s black”. This choice – or rather, lack of it – is called Hobson’s Choice.

The Need for Hope-Mongering Not Agenda-Pandering.

In the world of news, the majority of the dominant players tend to be loud and opinionated with a clear-cut agenda.

"Not for the Love of Netflix, but for the Lack of Anything Else."

What VO has set out to do isn’t just about providing content that resonates; it’s about creating a complete ecosystem to create that content.

The Right Skills At the Right Place & the Right Time.

The Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) is the UAE’s largest applied higher educational institution and is deeply entrenched in the local society.

Capitalising On The Past To Enable Expansion.

American Hospital started in 1996 with the goal to provide world class medical services to the community. Over the years its single location in Dubai grew a reputation as the best hospital in Dubai and possibly the region.

Crafting Gin.

Where better to make the perfect gin, then the place that produces the best Juniper berries.