AI and Brand Building Outcomes from a Round Table

How AI is Transforming Brand Building: Insights on Balancing Efficiency, Creativity, and Shaping Future Workflows.

Last week, the Transform Saudi Conference (May 21, 2024) brought us the exciting opportunity to moderate roundtable discussions on a hot topic: the impact of AI on brand building.

The discussions were rich, with a dynamic mix of agency owners and senior figures from both regional and international brand consultancies.

AI elicits both apprehension and optimism. On one hand, there are fears about AI replacing jobs and skills. On the other, there’s hope that it will enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Encouragingly, the panel leaned more towards optimism.

Here are some key insights:

  1. AI’s Strengths: Predictive AI shines brightest with applications like medical diagnosis and machine learning leading the way. Generative AI, on the other hand, is still finding its footing.

  2. Current Impact on Brand Building: The precise impact of AI on brand development remains unclear. However, all agencies reported incorporating AI tools into their process to some extent.

  3. Productivity vs. Creativity: There’s consensus that AI serves as a productivity booster rather than a creative powerhouse. Agencies are leveraging AI to stimulate idea generation, but the creation of ideas still firmly relies on human ingenuity.

  4. Top Use Cases: AI is proving most useful for tasks like imagery generation, naming, and design inspiration.

  5. Accelerating the Creative Process: AI is expected to speed up the creative process without replacing it. Authentic, innovative ideas still need the human touch and creative thinking.

  6. Future Role of AI: Looking ahead, AI is anticipated to take on more executional roles. This includes tasks like creating artwork files, adhering to brand guidelines, and generating copy in specific tones of voice.

In summary, AI is viewed as a catalyst for quicker project delivery rather than the originator of unique ideas. It’s clear that AI will significantly change our workflows, requiring us to adapt to a new dynamic where AI complements human effort.

We’d love to hear how you’re using AI and your thoughts on its future role in brand development and building.