Transforming the Saudi government’s healthcare procurement arm into a modern logistics company. 

A Helping Hand.

Nupco was initially created to be the procurement arm for all things related to healthcare for the Saudi government.. It had a single purpose – save the government money through the bulk buying of all medical and pharmaceutical products required for use by government hospitals and the military – at the best price possible.

The Saudi Ministry of Health identified that the supply of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals was negatively impacting its ability to provide best quality healthcare to the public and tasked Nupco to improve the complete supply chain. The new mandate required a massive transformation. Nupco needed to transform into a customer centric, data driven, agile, fast and efficient logistics company.

Nupco’s CEO advised that he told his staff to start every presentation with a picture of a patient to remind them who they were ultimately serving. It was this request that inspired us to position the brand in a very human way. This rooted the brand in ‘being a helping hand’. Conceptually linking hands in a chain that ultimately leads to a healthier community by making sure that the right products were in the right hands, when they needed them. 

The development of the concept of being a “helping hand” as part of the strategy, shifted the mindset within Nupco and humanized their approach to logistics. The hygiene factors of price, speed and efficiency were no longer the only measures of success. Nupco management feel that the brand strategy has transformed the culture and the business into a dynamic and agile organisation. This has resulted in Nupco gaining over 60% market share and expanded their network, bringing another 54 new partners on board.


Transform Awards 2021

  • Gold > Best visual identity from the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector
  • Highly Commended > Best creative strategy
  • Highly Commended > Best implementation of a brand development project