There is a saying “little by little, a little becomes a lot”. This is the story of the reinvigoration of the Mobily brand. At first glance, there isn’t a quantum shift in the Mobily brand but a strategic, meticulous and measured approach to rebuilding a challenger brand.

Reinvigorating a Challenger Spirit in a Challenger Brand.

The initial assessment clearly indicated that the Mobily brand still had strong equity in the name, logo and the colour blue, as well as a faint reputation of being a challenger to the status quo. A unanimous decision was made to invest in recreating the Mobily brand; flexing the brand’s muscle memory, strengthen the brand’s assets and bringing the challenger brand character back to the forefront.

There were a number of challenges to consider:

  • Brand consideration: Research demonstrated that Mobily had strong awareness, but low brand consideration. People needed a compelling reason as to why they needed to consider or reconsider Mobily.
  • Reignite the Challenger spirit: Qualitative research outlined that the brand had lost some of its challenger spirit, but there was enough to reignite the flame.
  • Align the brand strategy: Each department within Mobily had its own strategy and this was polarizing efforts. A single overarching strategy was needed that provided a clear point of difference.
  • Align the brand identity with the business ambition: Much of Mobily’s visual and verbal identity was dated. It was last updated in 2010 and was not built with digital touchpoints in mind. It was not aligned with Mobily’s evolved business and didn’t represent the brand’s challenger spirit.

The impact of the restructure, repositioning and rebrand has been acute and has already reaped rewards and collectively has led to Mobily achieving the fastest growth in brand value in 2020 from US$834 mil to 1.28 bil and is now the 7th most valuable brand in the Kingdom (Brand Finance 2021 report).


Transform Awards 2021

  • Bronze > Best visual identity from the technology, media and telecommunications sector
  • Highly Commended > Best creative strategy
  • Highly Commended > Best implementation of a brand development project