Dubai Culture and Arts Authority

The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) is a government entity, created in 2008 to be the custodian of everything associated with ‘culture’ in Dubai. From Museums and Public Libraries to Culture Events such as the Literacy Festival and Art Week; they all fall under the remit of Dubai Culture.

Shaping the Culture of Dubai.

Research was undertaken in 2019 to ascertain what is perceived as “culture” in the UAE? Which Emirates are associated with culture? And is the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority recognised for all that it does?  

People struggled to articulate what Dubai’s culture is. Sharjah was strongly associated with heritage and
Islamic culture, Abu Dhabi with grand museums and modern Arab culture, while Dubai’s culture was
associated with music festivals, malls and large scale events.

The Dubai Culture organization and brand had very low awareness with only 23% of the sample aware that there is an authority charged with preserving and shaping the culture of Dubai.

Bellwether was tasked with developing a brand strategy and identity to allow Dubai Culture to stand out and stand proud. We also needed to shape the “culture” opportunity for Dubai so that all efforts would be cumulative and impactful.


Transform Awards 2021

  • Gold > Best Overall Visual Identity
  • Gold > Best visual identity from the public sector
  • Gold > Best use of a visual property
  • Gold > Best implementation of a brand development project
  • Silver > Best creative strategy
  • Bronze > Best brand development project to reflect changed mission, values or positioning